Sports and recreation

Sports and recreation offer Ottawa Francophones unique opportunities for getting together. Men and women participate in a variety of activities, some of which go back more than one hundred years, as illustrated by these images. It is often parishes, mindful to support their parishioners in every aspect of their life, who organize the opportunities. The associative network also offers a large number of sports and recreational activities, from music and dancing to bowling tournaments. Outings to the park for tobogganing in the winter and picnics in the summer are rituals in many families.


Postcard of seminarians posing with hockey sticks, Ottawa [1910-1914].

Source: University of Ottawa, CRCCF, Fonds Georges-Michaud (P62), Ph59-715.

Black and white photograph, taken in winter, of a group of about fifteen young men, accompanied by some adults. They are arranged in three rows, in front of a wooden fence. The youngest wear the cassock and hold hockey sticks. Adults wear long winter coats and fur hats. One of them stands in front of the group, the other in the center of the photo, the other two on the sides.