The music scene

Music animates the ceremonies and festivals of Ottawa’s Francophone community. As an integral part of religious rituals, music is advanced by the Church and its institutions. Each parish has its choir, some even have music groups. Music directors in the churches enjoy great prestige. Music also resonates out of the churches. Folk music arrives in the region along with the first French Canadians. With time, its repertoire diversifies through new harmonies, even new creations. These images of the region’s Francophone music scene remind us of the successs of Ottawa groups at home and beyond.


J.B. Boucher, first director of the Sainte-Anne music group, known as the Fanfare de Sainte-Anne (Ste-Anne Parish of Ottawa), 1873.

University of Ottawa, CRCCF, Fonds Paroisse Sainte-Anne d’Ottawa (C72), Ph131-16.

Sepia photograph of a middle-aged man wearing a uniform and a large mustache. He stands in front of a richly carved lectern which holds music scores and a trumpet. The name and title of the subject are handwritten at the bottom of the picture.