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Liaison magazine : showcasing Franco-Ontarian creativiy

Liaison magazine is founded in Ottawa in 1978 with the intention of reporting on the activities of Théâtre Action, an organization that works to promote Franco-Ontarian theatre. Initially just a newsletter about Francophone theatre in Ontario, Liaison has evolved into the most important cultural publication on diverse artistic practices of the Canadian Francophone community in a minority context. The first issue (number 0) is edited by Jean-Pierre Bégin and appears in May 1978. But Bégin departs after two issues, leaving denise truax and graphic designer Louise Gallant to take over.

The objectives of the publication are clearly defined from the outset: Liaison is the tool that will enable Francophone Ontario to not only cast itself in an image of its present, but also to reconstruct its historical space, be it through free writing, stagecraft, the critical gaze, the evolution of dramatic expression, etc. The magazine also seeks to be a “catalyst” for exchange. During its first two years of existence, the magazine is entirely devoted to theatre.

The idea of broadening the scope to include all artistic genres quickly grows in the minds of the people in charge, and the Liaison team seeks to open the journal to other forms of artistic and cultural expression. The mission of the magazine becomes multidisciplinary, reaching beyond Théâtre Action activities.

The following year, in 1981, the magazine’s editors establish Éditions L’Interligne to ensure its publication. This is an important moment in the history of Liaison. The magazine consolidates its foundation: it follows a bimonthly publishing schedule, adopts a new format, prints 3500 copies, and launches a permanent subscription campaign. Due to financial constraints, the last issue of Liaison is published on March 21, 2018.